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Poured concrete floors are not the flat, gray surfaces they used to be! Choose from a variety of techniques that add new interest to your floors and make maintenance easier and more effective.

Bring out concrete's

hidden beauties


Your new concrete floor can be transformed when we add glass to the mixture, then polish it to create a glossy finish that will make you wonder if it is concrete at all.

Polish your concrete floors to a new shine

 •  Stamped finish

 •  Exposed aggregate finish

 •  Acid stained

 •  Broom swept

 •  Stressed or sand finish

 •  and more!

Locally owned and serving the Willamette Valley since 1978

Let us acid stain and existing concrete floor and turn dull to shiny! Your concrete floor doesn't need to look like concrete anymore! New techniques can create the illusion of stone, brick, wood and more. And it's not just floors. You also can make your walls look like stone!

Personalize your home with unique new


Fantastic finishes

Texture equals interest